Work areas

Work Area

At Law Birds ®️ we are primarily lawyers, and our name is a guarantee of conscientious work, true values, trust and satisfaction of our clients.

In our activities, however, we go further and in the spirit of our values and principles, we perform other activities and businesses that have become an essential part of our functioning.

Our portfolio of legal services is varied, but appropriately selected for our clients’ needs.

Our legal practice at Law Birds is based on the effort for the most comprehensive coverage of legal agenda, while always focusing only on areas where we have sufficient insight and experience supported by our team members. That is why we are able to provide the perfect legal services in many areas of law.

Perfect knowledge of the business environment, the individual sectors of the economy, as well as business habits or everyday problems means understanding the law in its entire depth. Therefore, we try to understand the many areas of economic life in the context that our client knows about every single detail of its business sector and industry, what gives him a significant edge over its competitors, but also quiet sleep and peace of mind.

Areas of expertise

– Wealth Management & Family Assets Management. We advice, how to treat your finance and assets in order to have them in safe position and invested tax efficiently. At the same time, we advise your family with heritage issues and distribution of your assets and investments.

– Corporate law, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

– Real estate & Developing

– Taxes, International taxation,

– Financial and Estate planning,

– Corporate structuring,

– Investments funds & – – Venture Capital

– Private Equity

– Financial sector

– Charitable giving

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