Law Birds?

Law Birds is established to embody our vision of the best way to meet the Legal and Tax  needs of our clients.

We have recognized that the interests of many clients were adversely impacted by the inefficiencies of large law firms who, such as the pressure to bill each client a specific number of hours each month to meet artificially targeted profit goals, working remotely with an inability to properly facilitate clients on the ground and quickly adapt to changes in the market.

In order to avoid those problems, Law Birds’ founders created this boutique law firm.

One Step Ahead

Why we are succesful? Because...

Law is our passion and lifestyle.

Every day, every hour, every minute we take care of you and your business.

We believe that it is the different approach to our clients and work, which determines the quality and success.

Therefore, we put great emphasis on pleasant environment, loyalty and respectability and we strive to build the feeling of confidence and trust together with our clients so that they can contact us anytime and anywhere.

Above all we care about:

– our clients’ requirements

– thorough Case analysis

– promptness and helpfulness

– efficient solutions

– pro active approach

– clear identification of prices in advance

We do always the maximum for our clients and we do it with individual approach to everyone. And we are always available, wherever you are 7/24!

What determines us

We merge our work activities with our lives and so they become our passion and lifestyle. We brought our personal life principles to our daily work routine and they complement each other in every direction.

We believe that only if we know ourselves, we know what we are best at and what we can bring to the world. At the same time, we know what we expect from life, what priorities we have, ambitions, and so we can do reach them more effectively and in the better way.

Only a person who wants to be a better person can enrich this world, society and people around.

Thanks our own work and effort things are done as we imagine them.

Ability to be interested in, ask questions and look for answers is the driving force of progress and understanding.

Any successful relationships require patience, trust and loyalty. The very same applies also to a career or business. Not even the world was created in a single day.

Seeing possibilities means seeing things work better.

Sometimes just a little is enough to make the world around you is a better place. Being able to share your success makes it even more significant.

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Meet The Partners

Brian Lewis

Founding Partner

Chas R. Walker


Christy Mullen


Members of our firm

We tailor our services to meet its clients’ needs and requirements. Members our firm understand that sound judgments can only be made if they are based on thorough research and a deep understanding of the clients’ objectives and the law. In order to offer the highest level of service, our professionals at Law Birds take the time and make the effort to get deeply involved with the clients’ businesses while trying to understand key business factors and local and international legislative developments that affect their performance.

You Deserve One Of Our Best Lawyers

with over 20 years of law experience