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Who are

We are team of dedicated and devoted lawyers and advisors who understand people, business and society.

From the very beginning, we decided that our law firm would be dedicated to putting the client’s interests first. In order to meet this goal, Law Birds’ clients are represented by seasoned attorneys whose focus is on results, not billable hours.

But above all that we understand the law in all its infinite depth and width. Therefore it is the Law Birds law firm, which is able to determine trends and change the unchangeable.

Focusing on modern law areas, professional knowledge, appropriate contacts and long-term cooperation with clients, these are just a few key elements of our work. We do not hold only customary convention.

We do not just follow common conventions, but we are building a modern law firm that is able to contribute to quality of legal environment at home and abroad very flexibly and actively.

We believe that provision of legal services is not just a normal job. It is a life mission, which requires predetermined characteristics and abilities.

Our clients also benefit from the firm’s collegial environment that ensures that we engage in a free flow of ideas and remain focused on the client’s objectives at all times. In addition, each of Law Birds’ clients receive the same quality of services because we are not financially dependent upon a particular client or matter.

Law Birds is a boutique law firm, specializing in business law and tax. Our aim is to provide legal and tax advice at the highest level, with a hands-on personal approach. All partners have over 20 years of experience and are considered experts in their field. They form a solid team of professionals, putting our clients’ needs above all. Legal partnership and operational excellence are our key values.

Law Birds is an independent law firm, primarily serving clients with international operations or ambitions. Through our strong and personal, longstanding business relations with similar leading firms in all major jurisdictions, we are able to advise companies all over the world.

As a business law firm Law Birds has solid connections with numerous expert firms, specializing in other legal areas than we do, or who provide financial, trust or notarial services. Acting as project managers, we are thus able to provide a broad range of legal advice reaching beyond our target markets.

And we have only just begun!

What we understand and love to do?

All our clients are unique and all of them have one thing in common, they strive to the optimum in their legal and tax structure. They all want to get the best result for their business, their families and themselves.

In order to achieve this, we choose to cooperate closely with our clients.

What are their wishes and motivations?

Finding the best path between their wishes, the facts and legal and fiscal opportunities is our biggest challenge. We are convinced that we are able to provide added value, both for the long and short run. This is what keeps us going and most of the time going this extra mile is highly rewarding.

How we work with our Clients?

Supporting our clients with sound tax solutions makes us happy. Achieving the best results is in our DNA. Instead of keeping to the beaten track, we reach for new horizons. Our eagerness in finding solutions makes our advice rise above the term ’tailor-made’. We prefer short lines of communication, and would like our clients to view us as part of their team. Our active approach, coupled with our solid knowledge and experience, enables us to obtain the best results for our clients.

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